Highly Recommended Watersports for Your Kids

Since our first post was about a healthy water sport: swimming. We’ve decided it’s only fair that the second post on this (soon to be wonderful site) should also be about waters ports, so… ladies and gentlemen.. enjoy!

Looking for the best water sports out there for your adventurous child?


Here are the most popular ones which kids enjoy throughout the globe, whether professional lessons, after school, or during family vacations:

1. Surfing

kid surfing

Almost every kid who loves the ocean has an idea of what a cool surfer dude or dudette looks like, and dreams to become a pro! As young as 4 years of age, children who know how to swim can enjoy riding the waves. Surfing has many benefits, both physically, mentally, and promotes a child’s utmost health. Let the ocean empower your child, and the fun and laughter is worth more than the countless drops of water there can ever be! Surf with the whole family and create priceless memories together.

2. Open Water Swimming

Children aged 6 years old and above are privileged to be old enough to swim in the open water with their parent or guardian. It’s time to venture beyond the shore lines and explore the wonders of the sea. Swimming is a great way to bond with each family member where everybody gets various benefits from the physical exercise as well as aid in some medical concerns. Allow your child to stay fit from childhood until adulthood through the love for swimming and learning its different styles.

3. Sailing

Sailing is among the greatest water sports kids can get into, which is likewise a popular choice for adults. It entails wind propulsion by means of sails and steering the watercraft, where a sailor is in charge of managing the force of the wind on the sails. Delight in looking at your young sailor as early as 7 years old, where aside from totally having fun, your child can make many new friends through team activities. It encourages confidence too and with support and supervision, they can easily sail a boat on their own. They can make it go faster if they wish by learning the right techniques and handling skills.

4. Snorkeling

Where else would you find the wonders and treasures of the sea but under the sea? The ocean looks beautiful amidst the breathtaking view and the island paradise you experience, but the underwater world is indescribable! Kids aged 5 or 6 can take on snorkeling lessons and take a peek on those beautiful corals and fish life right on a bathtub with mom and dad, even just for a hilarious bath time. When they reach 8-10 years of age, they can get serious and try snorkeling which may be a preparation for scuba diving. To learn more, check PADI.

5. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

One way to open up the exciting world of water sports to your child is through the beauty of the reef and the ocean’s breathtaking marine life. But wait, hold your breath, and have fun in scuba diving! Ideally, kids as young as 8 years old can learn it within safe surroundings and scuba dive under professional supervision. Your child will learn the basics of diving, breathing underwater with the use of scuba gear designed for children. As they grow, they can eventually have a deeper underwater experience such as navigating the seas, engaging in photography, knowing what to do in case of emergency, and how to rescue other divers and be a hero themselves.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking or canoeing is one water sport that makes use of a narrow boat that’s easily transportable and made for sitting. The kayak is an incredibly versatile watercraft. It can float on flat water such as lakes and calm oceans. Kayaks can hold well too on raging rivers, stormy seas and gushing, pounding waters. Sure enough, kids must start first on serene areas to minimize any stress, develop their abilities, and make their first experience truly memorable!

7. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

kids suping

SUP is undeniably one of today’s most sought after water sports that maintains a rapidly growing popularity. It’s an activity suitable for youngsters and adults, but what’s truly amazing is how impressive kids are when they go paddling their way over the water! It comes almost naturally since it’s basically what kids do, they just know how to have fun and experience pure enjoyment. They love trying out new stuff and are always up for the challenge. Adorable toddlers as young as 2 up to 6 year-old kids can enjoy it with mom and dad. Kids 7-8 years and up can ultimately try it on their own. Ensure that your child has the right SUP gear with the best paddle board, wetsuit, and anything else you deem necessary, and you will be granted peace of mind. A good stand up paddle board does not come cheap, neither does your child’s comfort and utmost safety. Anyone interested in this surfing, kayaking, swimming, paddling sport should do a bit of a research before purchasing a paddle board, especially if it’s for your child who deserves only the best things in life.

8. Parasailing

Kids who dream big as high as the sky can take on parasailing, where free-flying like a kite is the closest they can get to the blue skies! Make sure your child wears only the finest and highest quality harness in this water sport for a fun and safe ride. A person is towed behind a watercraft, typically a boat, while he or she is attached to a particularly designed canopy wing resembling a parachute which you call the parasail wing.

9. Windsurfing

A unique water sport that combines surfing and sailing in one activity, windsurfing does have a lot to offer. It helps kids develop confidence, strength, body coordination and enhances their agility. Allow your child to experience freedom through sailing the seas and discover what speed is really like, even those just under 15 years of age. There are specialized equipment that are made stable and secure for kids, with easily maneuverable boards and lightweight, manageable rigs.

10. Wakeboarding

kid Wakeboarding

Does you child love skateboarding? Then this is the perfect water sport, for both boys and girls. Starting from the age of 10, your child can acquire basic skills while basking in the awesome, extremely exciting wakeboarding experience! This involves riding on a short and wide board which resembles a small surfboard, but is basically like skateboarding with all the tricks your child can do. One learns based on size and skill level, then soon perform acrobatic maneuvers and be thrilled as he or she is towed behind a motorboat.

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