Swimming: A Very Healthy Sport

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There’s no better way to cool off than go for a swim and splash into the water! Taking the plunge and flowing with the waves is fun for the whole family. Aside from being an invigorating recreational activity and the perfect summer sport, a refreshing dip at the beach or pool is good for your health given its numerous benefits. Discover the 5 ways swimming can get you in your best shape on top of giving you a great time:

1. Aerobic Exercise

swim aerobic

Swimming is a form of low-impact overall body workout that moves your entire body against the water’s resistance. When swimming, your lower and upper body, head, trunk, arms and legs altogether make a balanced effort. This is evident in vigorous movements needed to perform the breaststroke, sidestroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. Almost all muscles are used, which enhances the body’s motor coordination, yet exercising seems almost effortless because you’re having fun!

2. Relaxation

The calm waters bring a relaxing ambiance that helps you relax, relieve stress, give your body some well-deserved rest, and have a better mood. Swimmers are said to have significantly less tension, depression, and feelings of anger tend to quickly subside. One study also showed that they have the lowest death rate. So if you want to live a long and healthy, happy life- go swim!

3. General Fitness

As an aerobic exercise where you maintain a constant rhythm and speed, swimming promotes greatly improved general fitness. You acquire strength and endurance, flexibility, stronger joints, enhanced coordination and balance. Swimming stimulates the metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. The effort you exert to overcome water resistance helps tone your muscles which lets you stay fit through this enjoyable physical activity. Observe proper care for your eyes too by wearing swim goggles for maintaining good eye health, which is in line with overall well-being. Goggles will help you last longer in the water as it prevents eye irritants for hurting your eyes, and you can marvel at what you see at the bottom of the pool or ocean!

4. Healthy Heart and Lungs

Swimming is of similar intensity as running, only the heart beats slower when in the water. It promotes cardiopulmonary capacity and cardiovascular fitness through improved blood pressure and normalized pulse rate. The human body is used to an upright position, and when you swim, it turns horizontal which contributes to better respiratory secretions and breathing is made easier. This is why asthma sufferers benefit from swimming since it encourages breathing control and improved lung function.


5. Therapy

Swimming helps you achieve proper posture through improving the position of your spinal column, which is beneficial as well for people with back problems. About 90 percent of the your body’s weight is supported when you swim, which makes it an ideal activity for those recovering from injury, have disabilities, or dealing with illnesses such as arthritis. Pregnant women can engage in this form of exercise, which makes her comfortable and cares for her baby too as swimming promotes blood flow to the uterus. Swimming is perfect for people of all ages, and everybody deserves the highest quality of life with optimal health!

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